“Best Toy of The Year”!

b_294_177_16777215_00_images_feisty-pets.jpgBuzzfeed Considers Feisty Pets for “Best Toy of 2016”! Brand new Feisty Pets from William Mark Corporation are catching the world’s attention. A Feisty Pets video posted on Reddit/Imgur less than 24 hours ago already has over 600,000 views:
AND, Buzzfeed just named Feisty Pets a contender for “Best Toy of 2016”! Check out the article at:

Feisty Pets go from cute to feisty with just a squeeze to the back of the head. Choose from 4 animals: bear, dog, cat and monkey – and more animals are currently in production. Which one do you like most? Any ideas for future Feisty Pets?