My Mystery UFO

b_319_135_16777215_00_images_productimages_my_mystery_ufo.jpgMystify your friends as your UFO hovers and floats all around you! Only you will know how it works! This amazing effect sets up in under 15 seconds!

Throw it like a flying disc, spin it like a top, and make it hover and float!

No one will ever guess it’s an illusion!

No batteries or remote control needed. It is completely silent! Detailed instructions inside.

UFO Owners: If you have purchased My Mystery UFO™, enter the secret password found on the instructions inside the package to learn some amazing advanced tricks and techniques! Click here.
Retailers: To view a video on how to demonstrate and sell My Mystery UFO™ in your store,
Click here and enter the password. To obtain the password, call WMC at (909) 608-7340.

My Mystery UFO Instructions