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About the Feisty Pets


In 2016, WMC launched Mark Forti’s latest invention called Feisty Pets – a line of interactive plush animals that change from cute to ferociously funny when the head is squeezed. The Feisty Pets became a social media phenomenon among tweens, teens and even adults. Feisty Pets videos racked up over 30 million views in only a few weeks on YouTube and Facebook. Buzzfeed rated Feisty Pets as the best Christmas toy. On Amazon, b_138_236_16777215_00_images_amazon-best.jpgFeisty Pets was the top selling plush toy on Cyber Monday and the third best-selling product in the toy category.

In 2017, Feisty Pets continued to explode in social media as videos received over 250 million views on YouTube and Facebook. Feisty Pets also became the second most often searched toy on eBay and reached the 21st highest bursting key word in all categories. In May 2017, Forti launched the wildly popular “Feisty Films” YouTube series, which showcases the adventures of the Feisty Pets Gang. Feisty Films quickly accumulated more than 35 million views and established a collectors community.

The line expanded to include dozens of characters and more facial expressions ranging from a sarcastic grin to a dumb-looking “doofus”. Feisty Pets again topped Amazon’s best-seller lists on Prime Day and Cyber Monday in 2017. The Feisty Pets world continued to expand into plastic figures, blind box programs, backpacks, Halloween costumes, and an entire world of characters and expressions.

Replacement Parts Notice

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