REPLACEMENT PARTS NOTICE:  Please contact us for replacement parts. For returns or exchanges, please contact the retailer where your product was purchased.

Retailer/Distributor Information

FAQs - Retailer/Distributor Information

Please email your orders to: [email protected].  If you cannot email the order, you may fax it to 909-949-8108.  We will automatically acknowledge receipt of emailed orders but not faxed orders.  Remember to order in multiples of 6 since Air Swimmers come 6 to a box.  New customers must include a copy of your business license or reseller’s license with the order to be eligible to buy at wholesale prices.  New customers also need to provide a Visa, Mastercard or American Express number when ordering, but we will not charge the card until your order ships.  Click here to submit a wholesale pricing inquiry.

We do not give exclusive distribution areas in the United States or Canada since we sell directly to most of our retailers.  You are welcome to purchase product to distribute on a non-exclusive basis.  Click here to submit a wholesale pricing inquiry.

We have exclusive distribution contracts in many countries already, including all European Union countries, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore.  See here for a complete list of international distributors.  Thousands of people have contacted us who would like to distribute in other countries.  We appreciate your interest and have tried to respond to your emails, but the large volume of inquiries has made it difficult to get back to everyone.  Click here to submit a wholesale pricing inquiry.

If you called during business hours (7am to 4pm United States Pacific Time Zone) and got voicemail, all of our phone lines were busy.  We receive the highest volume of calls between 9am and 1pm, so try to call outside of those hours.  Most international calls will not be returned because of staff time constraints and time zone issues.

We are absolutely swamped right now and cannot return every call we receive.  When leaving a voicemail message, please include your name, phone number (speak slowly), company name, and your specific questions.  This will increase your chances of receiving a call back.

This changes constantly, but orders placed today will ship within 2 weeks, maybe faster.  If you'd like a container load, it may take longer

We do not routinely send out confirmations of orders received, nor do we automatically send a UPS tracking number when an order has shipped.  If the estimated shipping date we gave you has passed, please email [email protected] to inquire about the order status.

A 20-foot shipping container holds about 4,000 Air Swimmers.  A 40-foot container holds about 8,000 units.  We can ship containers directly to you from our factory in China.  You will need to arrange your own freight carrier and customs brokerage.  Payment by wire transfer is required PRIOR to the container leaving the factory.

No.  Due to the high volume of backorders and the busy condition of our facilities, only authorized freight carriers may pick up product at the warehouse.  We are a private wholesale company and not open to the public.

We ship via UPS.  For large orders requiring pallets, the customer needs to arrange freight pickup at our warehouse in Southern California.  We do not make shipping arrangements for large orders.

No.  This is not fair to those who have ordered since you placed the original order.  If you need more Air Swimmers, please place a separate order.

We sell replacement balloons.  The retail price is $4.99 each.  Retail stores may also order replacement balloons to have on hand.

Yes!  In fact, we have a bass in production right now, which should be available in January 2012.  Other creatures are under development.  We are happy to take suggestions for future Air Swimmers products!

Yes, but you will need to purchase it at the retail price and pay for shipping via UPS.  Please email your request to: [email protected].

Toys R Us sells a radio-controlled version of Air Swimmers, which is manufactured exclusively for them under a license from our company.  We sell infrared-controlled Air Swimmers to other retailers.  Otherwise, the two products are very similar.

Yes!  We have a looping DVD of the Air Swimmers video available to retailers.  But beware: playing this DVD in your store means you’ll probably have to place another Air Swimmers order right away!  The DVD can also play promotions for our other products.  (Yes, we do offer products other than Air Swimmers!)  Online retailers may embed the YouTube video on their own sites.

Our office is located in Southern California.  Business hours are weekdays from 7am to 4pm in the United States Pacific time zone.  The fax number is 909-949-8108.  The fax line is sometimes busy because of the large volume of faxes we are receiving.  Please be patient and try again.

Replacement Parts Notice

Please contact us for replacement parts for any WMC product.  For returns and exchanges, please contact the retailer where your product was purchased.