REPLACEMENT PARTS NOTICE:  Please contact us for replacement parts. For returns or exchanges, please contact the retailer where your product was purchased.

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Do you need help with your Air Swimmer?  You should find the answers you need below!


Due to the popularity of Air Swimmers, many factories overseas have copied our product illegally.  If you bought an illegal knockoff, we cannot help you.  These knockoff products were not made by us. If you received one, please return it to the store where you purchased it.

If your Original Air Swimmer (shark, clownfish, or bass) is legitimate, the front and back of the box must say "Air Swimmers", the lower right corner on the back of the box must say "William Mark Corporation" underneath our logo. The Air Swimmers Extreme version is a licensed reproduction by the company WowStuff of our product and is legitimate even though it doesn't meet these conditions.

There are unfortunately also Angry Birds knockoffs. To determine if your Angry Birds Air Swimmer Turbo is legitimate, the text on the front and back should read "Remote Controlled Flying Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo" and the image on the front should be of an Angry Bird knocking down a wooden structure complete with pigs. On the back of the box in the lower left hand area it should have "William Mark Corporation" and our logo along with Rovio's logo. Again the Toys R Us package is slightly different with the WowStuff logo on the bottom of their (larger) box, but is still legit.

We cannot replace defective knockoffs that were made by others in violation of our patents, trademark, and copyrights.


If you need help assembling your Air Swimmers Shark, Clownfish or Bass, please watch the instructional video. If you need help assembling your Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo, please watch the Angry Birds instructional video These videos should answer any questions you may have and feel free to post a comment with your question if we left something unanswered in the video. You may also find your answer in our Air Swimmers FAQ.


Download instructions by clicking on the link for your product:




If you would like to return an Air Swimmer for a refund, you must return it to the store where you purchased it.  We are a wholesale company that sells only to distributors and retail stores, so we cannot give refunds at the retail price. 


Replacement Parts Notice

Please contact us for replacement parts for any WMC product.  For returns and exchanges, please contact the retailer where your product was purchased.